David R. Barwell, Audiology & Hearing Aids
Office Location
In the Russell Office Park

941 Russell Avenue
Unit A
Gaithersburg, MD  20879

Office Phone:

Office Email: dbarwell@sprintmail.com
I am an authorized Starkey(click to see the latest technology) Hearing Aid
Representative in Maryland.
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I provide services at my office, in Senior Living Communities, and In-Home Care for those unable to get out and are homebound, with completely portable equipment.

These on-site services are very helpful to residents, families, and home staffs as it avoids the cost, time, effort and stress of taking the residents out.

I also provide hearing aid training 
in-services for Senior Living and Home Staff plus a very practical power point lecture and demonstration on hearing and hearing-aids.

Usually your initial visit, including testing, is covered by Medicare or insurance. Note that many secondary insurances cover a portion of hearing aid purchases. Be sure to bring your secondary insurance information and we will be glad to check with your secondary insurance company at your initial visit.
My Services Include:
  *Checking for wax in the ears

  *Hearing testing
  *Evaluating need for hearing ​aids

  *Hearing aids selection & fitting

​  *Instruction in use of hearing         aids, batteries, telephone use, etc.

  *Solving hearing aid problems,
      including whistle-feedback

  *Two to three year warranty

  *Two to three year insurance
​  *30 day 90% money back guarantee